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jevois-inventor does not work with new lens

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I just bought this product (https://www.jevoisinc.com/products/copy-of-jevois-0-3mp-low-light-sensor-with-standard-90deg-120deg-and-noir-lenses) and tried to change the sensor with the new one. I was surprised that with this new sensor jevois-inventor does not launch as expected. I can not use the cam with the new sensor !

 I then took the original sensor and changed the lens by cutting the glue spot. It worked but i still don't understand why the sensor i bought seems uncompatible with jevois cam and especially with jevois-inventor.

Can you clear it up for me ? Is the product i bought malfunctioning ?

asked Oct 31, 2018 in User questions by opusr (520 points)

1 Answer

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Oh, the optional sensor you got is a different model than the original, Omnivision ov7725 instead of originally an ov9650. To use it, you need to configure the JeVois software as explained here:


Basically, you just need to write a file called "sensor" in the boot partition of the microSD and in there write a single word: ov7725

Then the camera will attempt to detect and use that sensor when it starts up.
answered Oct 31, 2018 by JeVois (46,580 points)
selected Nov 1, 2018 by opusr
thx for the explanations . Unfortunately I tried to install the ov2640 sensor here and I did what you explained ( I created a 'sensor' file with     "ov2640" written inside ) and then I put back the SD card in the cam and restarted the cam and Inventor but I get a black screen .  Can you help me fixing this black screen please ?