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How do i run samplemodule on my host computer?

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Hi Guys/Gals,

I am trying to add the samplemodule(or any module for that case) to the mapping to run the module on host computer using jevois-daemon.

I tried building the module using ./rebuild-host.sh inside the samplemodule. Please note I am not asking to run the module using jevois-inventor with the jevois-camera. I'm trying to run the smaplemodule on my webcam infact.

Is there any way to do this ? 

Thanks in advance. ;)

asked Jan 18 in Programmer Questions by ashwinsushil (240 points)

1 Answer

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yes, after you have run rebuild-host.sh you should add a video mapping to /jevois/config/videomappings.cfg on your host, for example:

YUYV 320 240 30.0 YUYV 320 240 30.0 SampleVendor SampleModule

Then run jevois-daemon and type listmappings

Go through the list and find the number for the mapping you just added

type quit and finally

jevois-daemon --videomapping=XX

where XX is the mapping number.

for more details see the section on "compiling and testing on host" here:


answered Jan 23 by JeVois (40,640 points)