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I want to detect and recognition Waste (plastic, glass, paper) with JeVois camera with DNN

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I saw this project and question :


But i need detailed instructions, I can not create pbtxt file, I can create only  .txt, and .pb file with insctruction on this sites :

I need to detect (x,y) and recognize some trash(waste) like plastic and glass, paper.
Can you help me please ? How to create network, where to save it, detailed instruction.
I believe it will be useful to many people.
asked Jun 26, 2019 in Programmer Questions by tarzanboy13 (200 points)

1 Answer

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to detect (localize) and then recognize is more complex. You can try a custom version of YOLO.

I heard that AlexeyAB has the best tutorials on how to train a custom tiny-YOLO:


answered Jul 2, 2019 by JeVois (46,580 points)
Ok, I try it - there is also video tutorial of this site.