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I need to create custom DNN for waste, garbage detection and classification - for SEPARATION

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Can you help me with creating  custom DNN ?  for waste separation ?
detection and classification, how to create model, which files ? how to create, where to save it ?
thanks :)
asked Jul 1 in Programmer Questions by tarzanboy13 (200 points)

1 Answer

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You can use this:


but make sure you refer to the original tutorial from google, as the instructions for "toco" change depending on which version of Tensorflow you are using to train.

Or you can look for generic OpenCV tutorials about DNN training. Once you have a trained network that runs with OpenCV, you can load it onto JeVois, see for example

answered Jul 2 by JeVois (44,060 points)
I want to use tensorflow training, but with bouding boxes
 - the first link is only for recognition, but no for detecting,