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Electric noise when using JeVois camera with Arduino

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I have an A33 camera. I connected it to an Arduino and trying to do image recognition. I checked that it works fine by logging the messages received from JeVois.

However, when I added a servo I get a lot of unexpected servo movement when I receive messages from the camera. It feels that the camera is introducing current variation into the Arduino circuit. It's not a problem with the servo as I try also adding a LCD and the intensity of the screen varies exactly when the camera receives messages.

I connected:

- the white wire to one Arduino pin

- the yellow to another pin

- the black to Arduino ground

- the red to IOREF of the Arduino

Anyone know what is the problem?

asked Jul 27, 2019 in Hardware Questions by aindrei (120 points)

1 Answer

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It looks like your power supply to the camera may be too weak. Your connections are fine. Remember that IOREF is an output from the Arduino to JeVois, and it is used to let JeVois know which voltage level the Arduino wants to use on the RX/TX lines (3.3V or 5V). It does not power your Arduino.

I am assuming that you also provide 5V to your Arduino, maybe using a mini+micro USB splitter cable to power both JeVois and the Arduino? Or you provide VCC/GND to your Arduino from some power source? For example see what we do here:


note how we have red+black wires to the Arduino VCC/GND in addition to the 4-wire serial connection to JeVois. We connect that red+black pair to a 5V power source.

Or see this: http://jevois.org/doc/UserConnect.html

under section "No host computer but a micro controller"
answered Jul 31, 2019 by JeVois (46,580 points)
I was previously powering the Arduino (Uno clone) with a USB 3 port of the computer and the camera to another USB 3 port. I have now tried connecting the camera through a separate power adapter and then through a power bank and unfortunately had the same problem. Not sure what to do next, maybe get a multimeter and start debugging the voltage in various places.