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JeVois A33 powers up but LED stays green

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I bought the JeVois A33 kit (camera, Y cable, SD card and adapter) kit from Amazon. The camera seems to power up (solid green LED and cooling fan spins), but it doesn't enumerate to Windows 10, and I never get any orange flash or solid orange on the LED.  I've tried reflashing the MicroSD card as well as using a 64GB Sandisk card, with the current image and the latest archive image.

Is there a way to diagnose where in the boot sequence it's getting stuck?

Thanks in advance.
asked Jan 24, 2020 in Hardware Questions by FlyByPC (120 points)

1 Answer

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You can diagnose boot if you have a USB to serial cable connected to the 4-pin serial port of JeVois. First you edit boot options on the SD card to enable serial console. Then you should see boot messages. See here:


(edit uEnv.txt in the BOOT partition and uncomment the second set of kernel parameters, then launch some terminal program on your host, selecting the port of your USB-to-Serial cable and 115200 bauds).

But usually the problem is either a bad USB cable, weak USB port on the host, or the SD card is not fully inserted into JeVois (try to use a credit card to push it in all the way, just beware that if you slip, it will fly out, so be ready to catch it).
answered Jan 28, 2020 by JeVois (46,580 points)