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Strange Arduino pins in the visually-guided toy robot tutorial

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Not sure if this comment should come here...

I am trying to build the visually-guided robot according to the tutorial


I noticed that the tutorial uses Arduino pins 20 and 21 to connect to IN1/IN2 of right and left motors on the motor driver.

However pins 20 and 21 are the TX and RX pins on the pro micro arduino board used.

As the TX/RX pins are of course used to receive serial information from the jevois camera, they cannot be used to drive the motors.

I guess that any digital pins can be used instead, but this should preferably be modified in the tutorial.

asked Sep 15 in Misc Questions by ropito (120 points)

1 Answer

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Since the pro-micro 32u4 is not a genuine Arduino product but a clone, maybe you are looking at a different model. The one we have has the same pinout as this:


so TX/RX are on pins 0,1 marked TX0/RX1 on the PCB, and pins 20,21 are marked A2,A3 on the PCB.

You should connect to pins 20/21 = A2/A3 as noted in the table of our tutorial, as these are the pin numbers used in the code. Or you can use other pins and then modify the code.
answered 6 days ago by JeVois (46,480 points)