JeVoisBase  1.8
JeVois Smart Embedded Machine Vision Toolkit Base Modules
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EyeTracker.C File Reference
#include <jevoisbase/Components/EyeTracker/EyeTracker.H>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <jevoisbase/Contrib/cvEyeTracker-1.2.5/remove_corneal_reflection.h>
#include <jevoisbase/Contrib/cvEyeTracker-1.2.5/svd.h>
#include <opencv/cv.h>
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#define UINT8   unsigned char
#define FIX_UINT8(x)   ( (x)<0 ? 0 : ((x)>255 ? 255:(x)) )


void Draw_Cross (IplImage *image, int centerx, int centery, int x_cross_length, int y_cross_length, double color)
void Normalize_Line_Histogram (IplImage *in_image)
void Calculate_Avg_Intensity_Hori (IplImage *in_image, double *avg_intensity_hori)
void Reduce_Line_Noise (IplImage *in_image, double *avg_intensity_hori, double *intensity_factor_hori)

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#define FIX_UINT8 (   x)    ( (x)<0 ? 0 : ((x)>255 ? 255:(x)) )

Definition at line 61 of file EyeTracker.C.

Referenced by Reduce_Line_Noise().


#define UINT8   unsigned char

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◆ Calculate_Avg_Intensity_Hori()

void Calculate_Avg_Intensity_Hori ( IplImage *  in_image,
double *  avg_intensity_hori 

Definition at line 106 of file EyeTracker.C.

References UINT8.

Referenced by EyeTracker::process(), and Reduce_Line_Noise().

◆ Draw_Cross()

void Draw_Cross ( IplImage *  image,
int  centerx,
int  centery,
int  x_cross_length,
int  y_cross_length,
double  color 

Definition at line 63 of file EyeTracker.C.

Referenced by EyeTracker::process().

◆ Normalize_Line_Histogram()

void Normalize_Line_Histogram ( IplImage *  in_image)

Definition at line 81 of file EyeTracker.C.

◆ Reduce_Line_Noise()

void Reduce_Line_Noise ( IplImage *  in_image,
double *  avg_intensity_hori,
double *  intensity_factor_hori 

Definition at line 117 of file EyeTracker.C.

References Calculate_Avg_Intensity_Hori(), FIX_UINT8, and UINT8.

Referenced by EyeTracker::process().