JeVoisBase  1.18
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env_image.c File Reference
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void env_img_init (struct env_image *img, const struct env_dims d)
void env_img_swap (struct env_image *img1, struct env_image *img2)
void env_img_make_empty (struct env_image *img)
void env_img_resize_dims (struct env_image *img, const struct env_dims d)
void env_img_copy_src_dst (const struct env_image *src, struct env_image *dst)

Function Documentation

◆ env_img_copy_src_dst()

void env_img_copy_src_dst ( const struct env_image src,
struct env_image dst 

◆ env_img_init()

void env_img_init ( struct env_image img,
const struct env_dims  d 

◆ env_img_make_empty()

◆ env_img_resize_dims()

◆ env_img_swap()

void env_img_swap ( struct env_image img1,
struct env_image img2 

Definition at line 48 of file env_image.c.

References demo::img1, and demo::img2.

Referenced by env_downsize_9_inplace().