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env_motion_channel.c File Reference
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void env_motion_channel_init (struct env_motion_channel *chan, const struct env_params *envp)
void env_motion_channel_destroy (struct env_motion_channel *chan)
void env_motion_channel_input_and_consume_pyr (struct env_motion_channel *chan, const char *tagName, const struct env_params *envp, const struct env_math *imath, const struct env_dims inputdims, struct env_pyr *unshiftedCur, env_chan_status_func *status_func, void *status_userdata, struct env_image *result)
 env_motion_channel only requires luminosity input More...

Function Documentation

◆ env_motion_channel_destroy()

◆ env_motion_channel_init()

void env_motion_channel_init ( struct env_motion_channel chan,
const struct env_params envp 

Definition at line 51 of file env_motion_channel.c.

Referenced by env_motion_channel_input_and_consume_pyr().

◆ env_motion_channel_input_and_consume_pyr()

void env_motion_channel_input_and_consume_pyr ( struct env_motion_channel chan,
const char *  tagName,
const struct env_params envp,
const struct env_math imath,
const struct env_dims  inputdims,
struct env_pyr lowpass5,
env_chan_status_func status_func,
void *  status_userdata,
struct env_image result 

env_motion_channel only requires luminosity input

for efficiency, the motion channel takes ownership of the lowpass5 pyramid (rather than needing to make a copy of it), so that after this function the lowpass5 argument will point to an empty pyramid

Definition at line 71 of file env_motion_channel.c.

References env_params::cs_lev_min, env_pyr::depth, ENV_ASSERT, env_img_initializer, env_img_make_empty(), env_img_resize_dims(), env_max_pyr_depth(), env_motion_channel_destroy(), env_motion_channel_init(), env_pyr_init(), ENV_TRIG_TABSIZ, env_motion_channel::num_directions, env_params::num_motion_directions, and demo::result.