JeVoisBase  1.3
JeVois Smart Embedded Machine Vision Toolkit Base Modules
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env_pyr.c File Reference
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void env_pyr_init (struct env_pyr *pyr, const env_size_t n)
 Construct with a given number of empty images. More...
void env_pyr_make_empty (struct env_pyr *dst)
void env_pyr_swap (struct env_pyr *pyr1, struct env_pyr *pyr2)
 Swap contents with another env_pyr. More...
void env_pyr_copy_src_dst (const struct env_pyr *src, struct env_pyr *dst)

Function Documentation

void env_pyr_copy_src_dst ( const struct env_pyr src,
struct env_pyr dst 
void env_pyr_swap ( struct env_pyr pyr1,
struct env_pyr pyr2 

Swap contents with another env_pyr.

Definition at line 60 of file env_pyr.c.

Referenced by env_motion_channel_input_and_consume_pyr(), env_pyr_build_steerable_from_hipass_9(), and Saliency::process().