JeVois  1.18
JeVois Smart Embedded Machine Vision Toolkit
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Changes and new features in JeVois 1.7

JeVois 1.7 brings the following new features:

  • Updated to latest OpenCV version 3.4.0
  • New sample object detection and pose estimation modules to inspire FIRST Robotics students (and others): FirstVision in C++, and FirstPython and PythonObject6D in Python.
  • Small bugfix on Python error reporting when no USB output is used.
  • Bugfix of non-working overloads of process() in Python modules. Two entry points are now used, process() for when the video mapping has USB output, and processNoUSB() when it does not.
  • Added line clipping function to avoid wasting time drawing possibly very long lines (though mostly outside the viewport) when doing nearly singular 3D projections.