JeVois  1.17
JeVois Smart Embedded Machine Vision Toolkit
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ICM-20948 DMP computation header fields\ingroup imu


#define JEVOIS_DMP_ACCEL   0x8000
#define JEVOIS_DMP_GYRO   0x4000
#define JEVOIS_DMP_CPASS   0x2000
#define JEVOIS_DMP_ALS   0x1000
#define JEVOIS_DMP_QUAT6   0x0800
#define JEVOIS_DMP_QUAT9   0x0400
#define JEVOIS_DMP_PQUAT6   0x0200
#define JEVOIS_DMP_GEOMAG   0x0100
#define JEVOIS_DMP_PRESSURE   0x0080
#define JEVOIS_DMP_GYRO_CALIBR   0x0040
#define JEVOIS_DMP_CPASS_CALIBR   0x0020
#define JEVOIS_DMP_PED_STEPDET   0x0010
#define JEVOIS_DMP_HEADER2   0x0008
#define JEVOIS_DMP_PED_STEPIND   0x0007
#define JEVOIS_DMP_FSYNC   0x0800
#define JEVOIS_DMP_FLIP_PICKUP   0x0400
#define JEVOIS_DMP_BATCH_MODE_EN   0x0100
#define JEVOIS_DMP_ACT_RECOG   0x0080

Macro Definition Documentation


#define JEVOIS_DMP_ACCEL   0x8000

calibrated accel if accel calibrated, raw accel otherwise

Definition at line 99 of file IMUdata.H.



accel accuracy when changes (HEADER2)

Definition at line 114 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_ACT_RECOG   0x0080

Activity recognition engine (HEADER2)

Definition at line 120 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_ALS   0x1000


Definition at line 102 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_BATCH_MODE_EN   0x0100

enable batching (HEADER2)

Definition at line 119 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_CPASS   0x2000

raw magnetic

Definition at line 101 of file IMUdata.H.



compass accuracy when changes (HEADER2)

Definition at line 116 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_CPASS_CALIBR   0x0020

calibrated magnetic

Definition at line 109 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_FLIP_PICKUP   0x0400

Flip/pick-up gesture detector (HEADER2)

Definition at line 118 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_FSYNC   0x0800

frame sync from camera sensor (HEADER2)

Definition at line 117 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_GEOMAG   0x0100

geomag rotation vector with heading accuracy

Definition at line 106 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_GYRO   0x4000

raw gyro

Definition at line 100 of file IMUdata.H.



gyro accuracy when changes (HEADER2)

Definition at line 115 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_GYRO_CALIBR   0x0040

calibrated gyro

Definition at line 108 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_HEADER2   0x0008

enable/disable data output in data output control register 2

Definition at line 111 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_PED_STEPDET   0x0010

timestamp when each step is detected

Definition at line 110 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_PED_STEPIND   0x0007

number of steps detected is in 3 LSBs of header (JEVOIS: always 0...)

Definition at line 112 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_PQUAT6   0x0200

truncated game rotation vector for batching

Definition at line 105 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_PRESSURE   0x0080


Definition at line 107 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_QUAT6   0x0800

game rotation vector

Definition at line 103 of file IMUdata.H.


#define JEVOIS_DMP_QUAT9   0x0400

rotation vector with heading accuracy

Definition at line 104 of file IMUdata.H.