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Arduino Tutorial does not work

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I spent several hours on the Arduino Tutorial work but could not make it work.  I get the "INF READY JEVOIS 1.0" on serial port.  I don't see any read (feedbac) from JeVois.  Can you please put an Arduino video tutorial?  I am new to Arduino.  I also tried using evive prototyping tool (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/evive-the-best-electronic-prototyping-platform-arduino-toys--4/x/13848479#/) hooking up two servos.  I see the JeVois boot info on Serial0.  The LED13 does not blink at all when I move (feedback) the camera.
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asked Apr 15, 2017 in Programmer Questions by unga (300 points)

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Can you provide more detail on the following:

  1. Which module are you running on the jevois?  Some modules like the ObjectTracker require tuning specific to what you want to track.
  2. Are you streaming video and can see tracking symbol(s)?  
  3. Did you follow the serial port user's guide for connecting the Arduino?
  4. Did you provide external power to the servos since the Arduino's power output is limited?
  5. Did you ground the servos to a ground common to the external power and Arduino?
  6. Do you see tracking commands on serial-over-USB if you issue: setpar serout All
answered Apr 16, 2017 by franz (1,080 points)
Hi franz,
1.  I was trying the Arduino Tutorial http://jevois.org/doc/ArduinoTutorial.html and added in the last line of setup():  SERIAL.println("setmapping 20");
2.  No, i just wanted the two servos to turn.
3.  Yes, I could see JeVois startup boot info on the serial port.
4.  Yes, I also tried on the evive prototyping servos (http://learn.evive.cc/index.html?t=Servo)
5.  Yes.
6.   Not sure about this, but I followed the tutorial at: http://jevois.org/doc/ArduinoTutorial.html

I am sure there is something I am doing incorrect.   LED pin 13 does not blink so there is no receiving serial commands.
1. Can you query the jevois with the listmappings command and reply with the response for mapping 20?  
2. I highly recommend you begin by streaming the video even if you don't need it for your project.  It will allow you to debug many possible issues and get you familiar with the algorithm's behavior prior to operating "blind" without it.
6. This isn't required, but again, it's an easy way to see the serial communication and could help spot a problem.
Thanks franz.
1.  Yes.
2.  I will do do by streaming the video as you recommended.
6.  I will try.
franz, only after streaming (via AMCap) it started to work.  Do you have any idea without streaming to make it to work?
It's possible you're setting a different mode than what you expect.  I can help better if you comment back with the result for mode 20 from the listmappings command. The modes appear here in a different order than in the videomappings.cfg file.  You have to use the mode number returned from the listmappings command and not just count mappings in the file.  If that isn't the problem, you're probably having the same issue I had.  If so, see the following:
Thanks franz.  I must have made a mistake with 20.  The 23 is worked with streaming.  Thanks for all your help.