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Can I run script file from host computer?

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Doing my very first steps with the Jevois camera. I installed Tera Term, and I can communicate with the camera with basic commands like ping etc. The info gives:

INFO: JeVois 1.9.0
INFO: Linux version 3.4.39
INFO: CPU: 1344MHz, 42C, load: 1.00 0.96 0.65 1/56 91
INFO: MemTotal: 238428 kB, MemFree: 170532 kB
INFO: OUT: YUYV 640x300 @ 60fps CAM: YUYV 320x240 @ 60fps MOD: JeVois:DemoSaliency C++

I am trying to follow the http://jevois.org/tutorials/UserPanTilt.html guide to work with my arduino. So far without connecting the arduino.

My question: Can I combine few commands into a script that will reside on the host computer (in a /.../x.cfg )? I noticed the runscript  command but if failed - perhaps it requires the file to reside on the SD card, This can be annoying to take the card out and in, unless I can copy the file there directly.

ERR Command error [runscript C:\Users\Side\Desktop\JeVois\script.cfgrunscript C:\Users\Side\Desktop\JeVois\script.cfg]: Script /jevois/modules/JeVois/DemoSaliency/C:\Users\Side\Desktop\JeVois\script.cfgrunscript C:\Users\Side\Desktop\JeVois\script.cfg execution failedThe error I got from runscript:

Thank you

asked Oct 15, 2018 in User questions by YigalB (250 points)

1 Answer

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Have you tried JeVois inventor? Please see here:


In the Inventor, go to the tab named "Config" and in there, select the file "module's script.cfg". When you edit it and save it, it will be saved to microSD and will run from there.

The division of labor between the available script files is as follows:

initscript.cfg - executed once when the camera boots up

params.cfg (a different one for each module) - restricted syntax, can only have lines of the form "param=val", executed when a module is loaded and before it is started (that's why the syntax is restricted, the module is not yet running)

script.cfg (a different one for each module) - executed after the module is started, any legal jevois command is accepted there.

more tutorials related to the inventor are here:



answered Oct 16, 2018 by JeVois (46,580 points)
Now that the Inventor is working (it took me some time to understand that OS restart solves many issues), I can access it. Thank you for the good and focused answer.