Demo QR-code
Simple demo of QRcode and barcode detection and decoding using the ZBar library.
By Laurent Ittiitti@usc.eduhttp://jevois.orgGPL v3
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Module Documentation

Detect barcodes and QR-codes, and decode their contents.

QR-codes (Quick Response Codes) are popular 2D patterns that contain embedded information, such as a string of text, a URL, etc. They basically work like barcodes, coding information into a high-contrast, geometric pattern that is easier to detect and decode by a machine that more conventional human-written text or drawings.

One can generate QR-codes containing different kinds of information, for example using online QR-code generators, such as

JeVois detects and decodes QR-codes and other barcodes. The implementation of the detection and decoding algorithm used in JeVois is from the popular libraru ZBar, found at

ParameterTypeDescriptionDefaultValid Values
(QRcode) symbolstd::stringType(s) of QR code / barcode symbols searched for, multiple entries are possible and should be separated by / characters. Selecting many symbol types or ALL will slow down processing. Supported symbols are: QRCODE, EAN2, EAN5, EAN8, EAN13, UPCE, UPCA, ISBN10, ISBN13, COMPOSITE, I25, DATABAR, DATABAREXP, CODABAR, CODE39, PDF417, CODE93, and CODE128ALL-
(QRcode) xdensityintScanner vertical scan density (pixel stride), or 0 to disable1-
(QRcode) ydensityintScanner horizontal scan density (pixel stride), or 0 to disable1-
params.cfg file
# Default parameters that are set upon loading the module

# Only look for QR codes by default, faster than looking for any kind of barcode and qr-code:
qrcode:symbol = QRCODE
Detailed docs:DemoQRcode, QRcode
Copyright:Copyright (C) 2016 by Laurent Itti, iLab and the University of Southern California
License:GPL v3
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