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Live access to contents of the microSD inside JeVois

JeVois v1.1

For user convenience, JeVois allows users to access the contents of the microSD card inside the camera live, while the JeVois smart camera is running.

Note that since June 2018 it may be easier to use JeVois Inventor graphical user interface. The instructions below do not require JeVois Inventor are are provided in case you do not want to use the Inventor.

Getting started

Starting microSD access from the JeVois command-line interface

When JeVois starts, by default it does not expose its microSD card to the host computer. Users need to request access to the microSD contents explicitly.

Since being able to switch through various vision modules while changing the contents of the microSD poses some potential data consistency issues, for now, we have restricted file access over USB to only work while not streaming video. Likewise, a reboot of the JeVois camera is necessary to allow it to use any new or modified files from th ehost computer.

To instruct JeVois to expose its microSD to the host computer as a virtual USB flash drive:

Using shortcut shell command jevois-usbsd

JeVois v1.3

Under Linux, the jevois package provides the command jevois-usbsd in /usr/bin of the host computer, which can be executed directly in any terminal on the host computer (as opposed to being run in the JeVois command-line interface after opening some serial terminal to it). Use it as follows:

jevois-usbsd start

Starts exporting the microSD inside JeVois to the host computer.

jevois-usbsd stop

Properly ejects the previously exported virtual flash drive and reboots JeVois.

jevois-usbsd is a simple shell script. Feel free to look at it. You may be able to create equivalents of that script for Mac and Windows. If so, please contribute them so that others can enjoy your scripts!
On Mac, you can try a simple echo usbsd > /dev/cu.usbmodem* and you should see the virtual USB flash drive JEVOIS appear. Just drag it to trash to eject.
Exporting the JeVois microSD to a Mac host using a simple command in the Mac terminal.