JeVois  1.8
JeVois Smart Embedded Machine Vision Toolkit
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CTraceObjectHelper class for tracing, issues one message on construction, and another on destruction
 CBoundedBufferThread-safe synchronized producer/consumer queue
 CCameraJeVois camera driver class - grabs frames from a Video4Linux camera sensor
 CComponentA component of a model hierarchy
 CDynamicLoaderClass to open shared object (.so) files and load functions contained in them
 CEngineJeVois processing engine - gets images from camera sensor, processes them, and sends results over USB
 CGadgetJeVois gadget driver - exposes a uvcvideo interface to host computer connected over USB
 CInputFrameException-safe wrapper around a raw camera input frame
 CInputFramePythonWrapper around InputFrame to be used by Python
 CJpegCompressorSimple singleton wrapper over a turbojpeg compressor
 CLogLogger class
 CManagerManager of a hierarchy of Component objects
 CModuleVirtual base class for a vision processing module
 CMovieInputMovie input, can be used as a replacement for Camera to debug algorithms using a fixed video sequence
 CMovieOutputVideo output to a movie file, using OpenCV video encoding
 COutputFrameException-safe wrapper around a raw image to be sent over USB
 COutputFramePythonWrapper around OutputFrame to be used by Python
 CParameterGeneric variadic template class template definition for Component Parameters
 CParameter< Param, Tail ... >A set of Parameters attached to a component
 CParameter<>Special case to terminate variadic template inheritance recursion
 CParameterBaseBase class for Parameter
 CParameterCategoryA category to which multiple ParameterDef definitions can belong
 CParameterCoreA changeable parameter for a Component, core class
 CParameterDefA Parameter Definition
 CParameterDefBaseBase class for a Parameter definition
 CParameterRegistryA simple registry of all parameters associated with a Component
 CParameterSummaryParameterSummary provides a summary about a parameter
 CProfilerSimple profiler class
 CPythonModuleWrapper module to allow users to develop new modules written in Python
 CRangeA generic range class
 CRawImageA raw image as coming from a V4L2 Camera and/or being sent out to a USB Gadget
 CSemaphoreA simple semaphore
 CSerialInterface to a serial port
 CSingletonA generic singleton class to enforce a single instance of an object
 CStdioInterfaceString-based user interface, simple terminal input/output to use on host
 CStdModuleBase class for a module that supports standardized serial messages
 CStepRangeA generic range class with a step
 Ctimed_lock_guardAcquire a lock object on a std::timed_mutex, or LFATAL after 1 second of waiting
 CTimerSimple timer class
 CUserInterfaceAbstract base class for a string-based user interface
 CValidValuesSpecBaseBase class for specifying a set of valid values for a type
 CValidValuesSpecListFinite list valid values spec, everything listed at construction is valid, anything else is not
 CValidValuesSpecNoneOpen/None valid values spec, anything that T can take is valid
 CValidValuesSpecRangeRange-based valid values spec, bounds are included
 CValidValuesSpecRegexRegex-based valid values spec, everything that is a match to the regex is considered valid
 CValidValuesSpecStepRangeStepRange-based valid values spec, bounds are included
 CVideoBufA V4L2 video buffer, to be held in a shared_ptr
 CVideoBuffersCollection of buffers for V4L2 video frames (Camera or Gadget) with hooks to the MMAP'd areas
 CVideoDisplayVideo output to local screen
 CVideoInputBase class for video input, which will get derived into Camera and MovieInput
 CVideoMappingSimple struct to hold video mapping definitions for the processing Engine
 CVideoOutputBase class for video output. Gadget, MovieOutput, VideoDisplay, and VideoOutputNone derive from it
 CVideoOutputNoneNo-op VideoOutput derivative for when there is no video output
 CmatFromNDArrayBoostConverterConverter from Python numpy NDarray to cv::Mat
 CPythonTutorial1Simple example of image processing using OpenCV in Python on JeVois
 CPythonTutorial2Simple example of image processing using OpenCV in Python on JeVois
 CPythonTTutorial3Simple test of programming JeVois modules in Python