JeVois  1.0
JeVois Smart Embedded Machine Vision Toolkit
User guide to bundled vision modules and demos

New users, be sure to check out the list of modules and corresponding video resolutions at JeVois Start.

Advanced users and programmers, full documentation and source code for these modules is in the JeVoisBase documentation.

Simply click on the icon of each vision module below to see its documentation.

Burn Test
This is a burn test: run the quad-core saliency demo while also loading up CPU, GPU and NEON in the background.
Simple module to convert between any supported camera grab formats and USB output formats.
Demo ArUco
Simple demo of ArUco augmented reality markers detection and decoding.
Demo Background Subtract
Simple background subtraction, pretty much straight from the OpenCV tutorials.
Simple image filtering demo using 4-core CPU processing and OpenGL-ES 2.0 shaders on the Mali-400MP2 GPU.
Demo Eye Tracker
Simple demo of an eye-tracker using the openEyes toolkit.
Demo GPU
Simple image filtering demo using OpenGL-ES 2.0 shaders on the Mali-400MP2 GPU.
Simple demo of ARM Neon (SIMD) extensions, comparing a box filter (blur) between CPU and Neon.
Demo QR-code
Simple demo of QRcode and barcode detection and decoding using the ZBar library.
Demo Saliency + Gist + Face Detection + Object Recognition
Simple demo that combines saliency, gist, face detection, and object recognition.
Demo Saliency
Simple demo of the visual saliency algorithm of Itti et al., IEEE PAMI, 1998.
Dense SIFT
Simple demo of dense SIFT feature descriptors extraction.
Edge Detection
Simple module to detect edges using the Canny algorithm from OpenCV.
Edge Detection X4
Simple module to detect edges, running 4 filters in parallel with 4 different settings.
JeVois Intro
Simple introduction to JeVois and demo that combines saliency, gist, face detection, and object recognition.
Object Detect
Simple object detection using keypoint matching.
Object Tracker
Simple color-based object detection/tracking.
Optical Flow
Fast optical flow computation using OF_DIS.
Pass Through
Simple module that just passes the captured camera frames through to USB host.
Road Navigation
Road finder demo.
Saliency Gist
Simple saliency map and gist computation module.
Saliency SURF
Simple salient region detection and identification using keypoint matching.
Salient Regions
Extract the most salient regions and send them out.
Save Video
Save captured camera frames into a video file.
Super Pixel Seg
Segment an image using super-pixels.
Surprise Recorder
Surprise-based recording of events.