JeVoisBase  1.0
JeVois Smart Embedded Machine Vision Toolkit Base Modules
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CArUcoSimple wrapper class over the opencv_contrib ArUco augmented reality markers
 CBufferedVideoReaderSimple class to read video frames from a movie file, decode them, and buffer them for smooth playback
 CBurnTestThis is a burn test: run the quad-core saliency demo while also loading up CPU, GPU and NEON in the background
 CConvertSimple module to convert between any supported camera grab formats and USB output formats
 Cconvert_helperHelper struct to handle type conversions at compile time
 Cconvert_helper< dst_type, src_type, false, false >
 Cconvert_helper< dst_type, src_type, false, true >
 Cconvert_helper< dst_type, src_type, true, false >
 Cconvert_helper< dst_type, src_type, true, true >
 CDemoArUcoSimple demo of ArUco augmented reality markers detection and decoding
 CDemoBackgroundSubtractSimple background subtraction, pretty much straight from the OpenCV tutorials
 CDemoCPUGPUSimple image filtering demo using 4-core CPU processing and OpenGL-ES 2.0 shaders on the Mali-400MP2 GPU
 CDemoEyeTrackerSimple demo of an eye-tracker using the openEyes toolkit
 CDemoGPUSimple image filtering demo using OpenGL-ES 2.0 shaders on the Mali-400MP2 GPU
 CDemoNeonSimple demo of ARM Neon (SIMD) extensions, comparing a box filter (blur) between CPU and Neon
 CDemoQRcodeSimple demo of QRcode and barcode detection and decoding using the ZBar library
 CDemoSalGistFaceObjSimple demo that combines saliency, gist, face detection, and object recognition
 CDemoSaliencySimple demo of the visual saliency algorithm of Itti et al., IEEE PAMI, 1998
 CDenseSiftSimple demo of dense SIFT feature descriptors extraction
 CEdgeDetectionSimple module to detect edges using the Canny algorithm from OpenCV
 CEdgeDetectionX4Simple module to detect edges, running 4 filters in parallel with 4 different settings
 Cenv_dimsA simple struct to hold a pair of width/height dimensions
 Cenv_imageBasic image class
 Cenv_motion_channelA composite channel containing a set of direction channels
 Cenv_pyrThis class implements a set of images, often used as a dyadic pyramid
 Cenv_rgb_pixelRGB pixel class
 CEyeTrackerEye-tracker class used to detect gaze direction from close-up video of one's eye
 CFaceDetectorFace detection using OpenCV
 CFastOpticalFlowFast optical flow computation using dense inverse search
 CFilterGPUSimple image filtering using OpenGL-ES on the GPU
 CGPUprogramSimple class to load and compile some OpenGL-ES program
 CGPUshaderSimple class to load and compile some OpenGL-ES shader code
 CGPUtextureSimple class to hold an OpenGL texture
 CJeVoisIntroSimple introduction to JeVois and demo that combines saliency, gist, face detection, and object recognition
 CKalman2DSimple component to track a moving 2D point over time using a Kalman filter
 CLineKeeps all the ready to use information of a supporting line as it pertains to describing the road
 CObjectDetectSimple object detection using keypoint matching
 CObjectMatcherObject matching using OpenCV keypoint detection and matching
 CObjectRecognitionWrapper around a neural network implemented by with the tiny-dnn framework by Taiga Nomi
 CObjectRecognitionBaseAbstract base class for an object recognition component
 CObjectRecognitionCIFARObject recognition CNN for CIFAR-10 dataset
 CObjectRecognitionILABObject recognition CNN for ILAB-10 dataset
 CObjectRecognitionMNISTObject recognition CNN for MNIST handwritten digits
 CObjectTrackerSimple color-based object detection/tracking
 COpticalFlowFast optical flow computation using OF_DIS
 CPassThroughSimple module that just passes the captured camera frames through to USB host
 CPoint2DThis is a basic class to encode 2D integer coordinates
 Cpromote_traitPromote from T1 and T2 to a type than can hold T1 * T2
 Cpromote_trait< byte, byte >
 Cpromote_trait< byte, double >
 Cpromote_trait< byte, float >
 Cpromote_trait< byte, int16 >
 Cpromote_trait< byte, int32 >
 Cpromote_trait< byte, long double >
 Cpromote_trait< double, long double >
 Cpromote_trait< float, double >
 Cpromote_trait< float, long double >
 Cpromote_trait< int16, byte >
 Cpromote_trait< int16, double >
 Cpromote_trait< int16, float >
 Cpromote_trait< int16, int16 >
 Cpromote_trait< int16, int32 >
 Cpromote_trait< int16, long double >
 Cpromote_trait< int32, double >
 Cpromote_trait< int32, float >
 Cpromote_trait< int32, long double >
 CpromoteFromTo< double, byte >
 CpromoteFromTo< double, float >
 CpromoteFromTo< double, int16 >
 CpromoteFromTo< double, int32 >
 CpromoteFromTo< float, byte >
 CpromoteFromTo< float, int16 >
 CpromoteFromTo< float, int32 >
 CpromoteFromTo< int16, byte >
 CpromoteFromTo< int32, byte >
 CpromoteFromTo< int32, int16 >
 CpromoteFromTo< long double, byte >
 CpromoteFromTo< long double, double >
 CpromoteFromTo< long double, float >
 CpromoteFromTo< long double, int16 >
 CpromoteFromTo< long double, int32 >
 CpromoteFromTo< T, T >
 CQRcodeQRcode and Barcode detection using ZBar
 CRoadFinderNavigation by finding road
 CRoadModelStore information about the road
 CRoadNavigationRoad finder demo
 Cround_helperHelper struct to handle rounding between different types
 Cround_helper< dst_type, src_type, false >
 Cround_helper< dst_type, src_type, true >
 CSaliencySimple wrapper class around Rob Peter's C-optimized, fixed-point-math visual saliency code
 CSaliencyGistSimple saliency map and gist computation module
 CSaliencySURFSimple salient region detection and identification using keypoint matching
 CSalientRegionsExtract the most salient regions and send them out
 CSaveVideoSave captured camera frames into a video file
 CSegmentSegment is defined by the two end-points
 CSuperPixelSuperpixel image segmentation from OpenCV
 CSuperPixelSegSegment an image using super-pixels
 Ctype_ifMakes a type a typedef for T only if B is true
 Ctype_if< T, true >
 Ctype_with_N_bitsA compile-time check that T has N bits
 CVanishingPointKeeps all the supporting information about a specific vanishing point